Audrey Bends Over For Hard Fuck

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Audrey Royal didn’t know what to do when her car got towed. But when a hot guy drove by and offered her a ride, she couldn’t believe her luck! On the way home, she got so horny, she sucked and fucked this random guy’s dick, until she tasted his cum!

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Fun Times

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Alec was cruising the streets when he spotted this super hot chick hanging at the bus stop, so he pulled up to her and started chatting. Audrey Royal just got into town and was waiting on her friend to pick her up. Alec let her know that she was in a shitty neighborhood and probably shouldn’t be standing around there with her cute ass hanging out her shorts and her perky tits showing, lol. She was nice and flirty and took him up on his offer for a ride. Once in the car, they got to talking and how she needed some cash for this expensive trip. That’s when Alec started offering up some money for her to come by his house to show off her skills. She knew where he was going with his offer, and she took him up. You can not miss one second of this hot girl showing off her amazing sloppy cock-sucking skills! Then she gets a serious fucking that ends up with a nice fat facial. Don’t miss out!

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Don't get caught if you're going to fuck your step sister

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Stepsisters can run the gauntlet. Some are nice and sweet, others are mean and rotten. But then there is the special kind of crazy that only comes once a girl not related to you starts living with you. Her hormones go all crazy and she needs to fuck, but she’s got no good options so her stepbrother will do. Homie here had that happen to him. He just wants a normal relationship with his stepsister, Audrey Royal, but the mink ain’t having that. She wants the cock! Their relationship established via their parent’s marriage is meaningless to her. Stepbrother doesn’t want to for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being that their mom and dad are downstairs and could walk in at any minute. Stepsister gives no fucks and she’s going to get that dick!

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Welcome to Audrey Royal’s blog

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Welcome to this free blog devoted to delightful Audrey Royal!

This is not the Official Audrey Royal website, you could say this is a Fan Site. I update this blog as often as I can with new free Audrey Royal pictures, videos and tubes. Whenever I have news about Audrey Royal, you will read it here! Don’t hesitate to add nice comments about our favorite adult star 😉 Thank you!

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